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Valued client satisfaction survey

Now that your financial planning strategies have been implemented, we would like to take a moment to ask for your feedback on your experience.

1: A lot less confident2: A little less unconfident3: About the same as before4: A little more confident5: A lot more confident

1: Very low quality2: Somewhat low quality3: Average quality4: Somewhat high quality5: Very high quality

1: Very helpful2: Somewhat helpful3: Moderately helpful4: Somewhat helpful5: Very helpful

1: They don't at all2: Not well3: Moderate4: Mostly well5: Very well

1: A lot worse2: Somewhat worse3: About the same4: Somewhat better5: A lot better

Holistic strategic financial planningPersonal insuranceLending (home and investment)Estate planningCentrelink support

1: Very unsatisfied2: Somewhat unsatisfied3: Neither satisfied or unsatisfied4: Somewhat satisfied5: Very satisfied

1: Very unlikely2: Somewhat unlikely3: Somewhat likely4: Very likely

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