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    Taking the first step

    Finding a good Gold Coast financial adviser that suits you and your situation isn’t always easy. What should you be looking for and how will they know what’s right for you?

    Our latest eBook provides all the important steps to help you get to the Gold Coast financial adviser you need. Imagine finding a trusted relationship with a financial adviser who will listen to you and clearly explain where they can help. Follow our important steps and you, like so many others that already receive financial advice, will be on your way to achieving your financial dreams.

    What’s the key to finding a suitable Gold Coast financial adviser?

    Here are 3 key things you should do:

    1. Contact and speak with each adviser you are considering
    2. Ask questions and take notes
    3. Review their Financial Services Guide

    “Research shows that more Australians are receiving financial advice. An ASIC report late last year identified that 27 percent of Australians now access financial advice. ASIC’s research found that 41 per cent of Australians intend to get financial advice in the future”. (1)

    Hugh Robertson - Gold Coast Financial Planner

    “Our mission is to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of clients and as a result provide them with greater financial certainty.”
    – Hugh Robertson

    Every client we work with benefits from our expertise and our proven formula of action, implementation, and commitment to bring your financial plan to life. Imagine achieving the goals you’ve been dreaming of. The team at Centaur Financial Services work alongside you to plan a better future today because securing your future is more than just managing your money, it’s about having the right financial advice team working with you.

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