Retirement Income Solutions

Have you thought about any of these questions: How much income do I need in retirement? Will I be able to get an age pension? How big does my nest egg need to be? What age can I retire?

We assist clients every day with answering these questions along with a host of others and having a successful transition into retirement. We have a proven approach to investing that can help clients get through the investment up’s and down’s while they can still receive a regular ‘pay cheque’ like you have your entire working life.

Whether it be looking at future cash flow goals and allocation for lump sum expenses (like caravans, round the world trips, etc), or utilising the right kind of structure and strategy to maximsie your age pension entitlements we have helped many clients down the garden path to maximise their income for the duration or retirement and meeting their estate planning needs.

For some help to get started on seeing what your income needs may be in retirement check out the Association of Superannuation Funds (ASFA) Retirement Standard that gives you an indication of the income you would need in retirement.

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