"Our mission is to make a positive and meaningful difference in our clients lives and maximise the probability of you reaching your goals."

Hugh Robertson

When it comes to helping you with financial planning and advice, the most important thing we can do is be proactive and work alongside you.

As your trusted financial advisers we want to guide you towards achieving your goals. Support you to ‘Plan and Live Well’.

Whether it’s addressing your needs of today, planning for your future or helping you achieve your ambitions; we are here to ensure you have what you need to help put you in control of your finances.

We’re committed to providing you with greater financial certainty.



About Centaur Gold Coast

We have been one of the premier financial planning firms on the Gold Coast for a number of years. Our team has some of the highest qualifications and awards in the industry and we have the expertise and experience in all areas of financial planning with personal service covering superannuation, personal insurance, retirement planning, share investing, tax planning, estate planning, and lending.

Our goal is always to provide you with a superior level of service and assist you in getting your entire financial house in order and assist you in maximising the probability of achieving your goals.

Testimonials From Clients

We are completely happy with Hugh and his advice and portfolio management- but we would like to give a testimonial to the back office team. They are quick to answer the phone and provide a high level of service, and will often track Hugh down to get answers in between his meetings and get straight back to us.

I went to Centaur to sort out my super, but throughout the process got shown the importance of all the elements of financial planning. I definitely felt they cared about me as a person and they helped me sort out my wills and estate planning to ensure my money passed to who I wanted it to, not just investing my super and not caring about me as a person.

Before I was a client of Centaur I had an adviser who always talked at me rather than with me. This always made me feel silly for asking any questions and my portfolio never seemed to be growing. With Hugh I truly feel he cares about me and I always feel good when I leave his office, even when he delivers bad news, as we work together to secure my retirement.

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