Having clarity in your financial position can stand you in good stead to stay on track to reach your financial goals.

Are your finances a mess? Do you have multiple personal loans from numerous lenders, have so many withdrawals coming out of your accounts that you can’t keep track of or stay on top of them, or have a financial plan that’s so complicated that you find it near impossible to stick to? These are just a few examples of what a messy financial life can look like, though there are many more.

Financial complexity leads to financial difficulty and stress; financial simplicity, on the other hand, leads to success and happiness.

financial stocktake

How to Simplify Your Finances

If you want to simplify your financial position, it starts with a stocktake. Take stock of every loan, bank account, credit card, and debit to see your entire financial situation. You can take on this task yourself, or one of our professional financial advisors can assist.

If you have multiple bank accounts or, worse, numerous bank accounts from multiple banks, you’re asking for trouble. Consolidating your accounts to one bank and having as few accounts as possible is the easiest way to simply finances.

Reducing your credit cards, keeping only the one with the lowest interest rate will make it easier to track your credit card use and payments.

Look at the monthly deductions and decide whether all are necessary. Are you paying for a Netflix subscription that you don’t use or a magazine subscription you don’t read?

Get Tidy With Centaur Financial Services

There are many ways to tidy up your finances and gain back control. If you don’t know where to start or feel too defeated even to make a start, then the financial advisors at Centaur Financial Services can help. As debt management and cash flow and budgeting specialists, we have the skills and experience to help you pay off your debts and create a realise budget that will simplify your finances and give you the clarity needed to focus on your financial goals.

Get in touch with the professional financial advisors at Centaur Financial Services today.

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