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Making the Most of Your Golden Years

Pre-retirement is a time to make important financial decisions. With so much on your plate, it can be easy to put off planning for your future. But it’s important to make time to do so, even if it’s just a little bit each week. By planning for your future, you can ensure you are on track to reach your financial goals.

Centaur Financial Services can help you develop a financial plan that meets your individual needs and goals. We can help you save for retirement, pay for your children’s education, and protect your assets. We can also help you manage your investments and ensure your money is working hard for you.

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Our Approach

We’re by your side to bring you the right retirement planning advice.

Everyone’s idea of what a comfortable retirement looks like is different. That’s why our financial planners take the time to get to know your unique circumstance and goals so you can achieve the lifestyle you want.

We’ll identify what you want retirement to look like and what level of income you’ll need to fund the lifestyle you have in mind. Once we’ve worked out what that looks like, we develop a roadmap on how to get there. This can include strategies to boost your superannuation, decrease your tax, and manage your debts in an efficient manner. We put a pre-retirement plan in place to maximise the probability of you achieving your goals.

Building a Strong Foundation

The Importance of Pre-Retirement Planning

Pre-retirement planning is vital in securing a financially stable and fulfilling future, allowing you to navigate the transition from work life to retirement with confidence and peace of mind.

As you embark on the exciting retirement path, laying the groundwork for a prosperous and fulfilling future is crucial. Careful planning becomes paramount with 20 or more years of retirement ahead of you. It’s essential to assess your priorities and align them with your preparedness for this next chapter in life.

Consider the following key areas that can shape your retirement journey:

  • Debt Elimination: Striving to become debt-free is an important step towards financial freedom during retirement.
  • Helping Your Children: Balancing support for your children’s needs while securing your own retirement requires thoughtful consideration and planning.
  • Retirement Planning: Crafting a comprehensive retirement plan ensures you can enjoy the lifestyle you desire and deserve.
  • Growing Your Superannuation: Maximizing your superannuation savings is vital for long-term financial security in retirement.
  • Reviewing Your Personal Insurances: Assessing and updating your insurance coverage guarantees adequate protection during this phase of life.
  • Business Exit Strategy: If you’re a business owner, formulating a clear exit strategy paves the way for a smooth transition into retirement.
  • Estate Planning: Ensuring your estate plan, including wills and trusts, is in order offers peace of mind and preserves your legacy.

By addressing these priorities and proactively planning for the road ahead, you can confidently embrace your retirement years and make the most of this new chapter in your life.

In the most recent retirement intentions research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the 4.9 million people aged 45 and over, nearly 80% intended to retire in the future. The others either hadn’t made up their minds or said they wouldn’t retire. Of the nearly 80%:

  • 50% intend to retire between 65 and 69
  • 23% to retire between 60 and 64
  • 7% to retire between 45 and 59

But many people looking to retire rely on the age pension to help them fund their retirement. As of December 2018, 45% of older Australians were on an aged pension, and 25% of this age group were on a full pension. This is a considerable number of people and a worrying number as the population ages.

Between the ages of 50-54, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia says the average super balance is $172,126 for men and $99,520 for women.

For ages 55-59, that moves to $237,022 and $123,642, respectively. At 60-64, the numbers are $270,710 for men and $157,049 for women.

So you can see the age you plan to retire and how you decide to go about your transition to retirement can have a considerable impact on your superannuation balance.

When you work with us to prepare a pre-retirement plan, we’ll take all of these factors into account to work out the best path forward to ensure a happy retirement is within your reach. Whether you live in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, we can help. Contact our financial planning team today.

While creating a financial plan in your 30s and 40s can help you accumulate wealth, it can also offer the following benefits:

Ensuring superannuation strategies are maximised

Maximising your super contributions, and considering whether to set up an SMSF, whilst factoring in a realistic transition to retirement pension.

Develop a clear wealth focus as you approach retirement

We’ll help you make the most of superannuation strategies as well as leverage property and share investments.

Protecting your family

No matter how much planning we do, the unexpected can occur. We’ll work with you to ensure you have adequate insurance protection to keep your family and assets safe.

Getting your tax under control

Potentially prepaying any interest while maximising the advantage of super deductions and other strategies.

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Are you ready to secure your financial future and enjoy retirement?

At Centaur Financial Services, we understand the importance of early planning. Our team of skilled financial advisors is ready to guide you through assessing your current situation and creating a personalised plan that aligns with your unique needs.

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