Protecting your family in the future is just as important as providing for your family today.

Have you planned for the unexpected? Planning ahead to protect our families in the unexpected provides peace of mind that money can’t buy.

Family is everything, so it’s only natural to want to do everything in our power to protect those we cherish the most. We protect our family in many ways every day, but what would happen to them if something happened to us?

Personal insurance and estate planning are two invaluable services for protecting our families.

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Why Personal Insurance Is So Important

Family is a pivotal force behind any financial goal. We all want to provide for our families – to give our children the best possible upbringing, to be able to enrol them in a private school, to put them through university and to take the family on overseas holidays.

We work hard throughout our entire lives to reach such goals and to be able to leave a sizable inheritance to our children. But for confidence knowing your family will experience such plans – with or without your financial input, insurance is needed.

Life can be volatile and unpredictable – even with the most carefully structured plan, something totally unexpected and unplanned can change everything.

To think that illness, accident, disability, sudden death, or redundancy “won’t happen to me” isn’t a good enough excuse not to protect your family from such life-changing events. In a blink of an eye, your life can change, and that carefully structured plan you have been following is now in disarray.

Protecting yourself and your family financial – through the right insurance – is the best way to plan for the unknown.

What Insurances Do I Need?

The key to getting insurance is getting the right personal insurance to meet your needs.

Centaur Financial Services specialise in personal insurance, including Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Income Protection and Trauma Cover. By analysing your lifestyle and risks, our financial advisors can determine which insurance products will best provide you with the peace of mind you seek.

We recommend you take the time to sit with our friendly team to discuss what personal insurance is right for you. Only once you secure your financial future can you feel comfortable knowing your family and lifestyle is protected if the unexpected occurs.

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Do I need Estate Planning and Life Insurance?

Estate planning and life insurance are two entirely different things, but they both pertain to the lives of your loved ones after your passing. While life insurance will ensure they’re looked after financially, taking care of the financial burden of your loss of income and death, estate planning takes care of the events after your death.

The loss of a loved one is straining enough. Protect your family in the aftermath of your passing through estate planning. With a legal binding will, your family will be able to grieve without the stress of any disputes and legal battles to claim your estate. Your wishes will be reflected and implemented, and your beneficiaries will receive what is rightfully theirs, quickly and as you intended.

Estate planning will also help you legally elect guardians for your children if something happens to both you and your partner, along with many other benefits.

Find out more about how estate planning can protect your family by visiting our Estate Planning page or by contacting our experienced Gold Coast estate planning team today

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