Centaur Financial Services: Your Partner in Financial Security

Over many years, Centaur has developed an industry-leading approach to delivering quality, personalised financial advice and solutions. We understand that what you value will ultimately drive your personal and financial goals, so every plan created is uniquely tailored to suit each client.

Centaur Financial Services is a true financial partner for you. We continue to work with you over the years to ensure your financial plan continues to support your current and future lifestyle needs and goals.

Your Financial Journey

We have packages to assist a diverse range of clients in achieving their financial goals.

Whether you are trying to get ahead in your mortgage or the kids are about to start school, it is important to feel on top of your finances and stop living day-to-day. Creating a clear direction and working towards motivating lifestyle goals such as paying your home loan down sooner or an early retirement will help you to create financial security and less stress in your life, as well as more options for you and your family.

With retirement around ten years away and an empty nest at home, you may start dreaming of retirement. How much income will I need? When can I afford to retire? Can I start working less now and transition out of the workforce? A range of financial planning strategies can assist you to protect the lifestyle you have now while bridging any gap between the size of the nest egg you have and the one you will need in your retirement, whenever that might be.

You may be newly enjoying your retirement freedom, or perhaps in a few years and need to take stock to review the longevity of your finances. Your priorities have changed from building wealth to being smart about how you use it. You need a plan to give you the lifestyle you want and to create a legacy that is important to you. Your income and capital preservation strategies may incorporate income generation, age pension, and estate planning, amongst other approaches.

From Dreams to Reality: Centaur Financial Services’ Six-Step Advice Experience

Centaur Financial Services’ six-step financial planning process is an industry-leading formula. Our commitment to tailored, clear, and transparent advice is central to our success.

  • Discuss the Financial Services Guide and terms of engagement.
  • Goals planning: Discuss your personal and financial information, goals and priorities, and attitudes to risk.
  • Assess your potential cash flow, superannuation, tax, saving, social security, and estate planning needs to meet your goals.
  • Analyse your pre-existing portfolio.
  • Goals-based gap analysis.
  • Develop and compare a range of strategies to meet your goals.
  • Recommend the most suitable strategy for you.
  • Select appropriate financial products if required to accompany the strategy.
  • Discuss the recommended strategies with you.
  • Present you with your Statement of Advice and Product Disclosure Statements.
  • Discuss the implementation plan.
  • Complete the Authority to Proceed.
  • Implement your strategy.
  • Complete product applications and alterations.
  • Complete insurance applications and underwriting.
  • Advise you when your strategy is fully implemented and discuss any next steps.
  • Review your financial plan.
  • Advise any changes to your personal circumstances.
  • Optimise your investment portfolio.
  • Review any external impacts on your financial plan, including product, legislative and environmental changes.

Centaur Financial Services: Your Partner in Financial Success

As a Centaur Financial Services client, you will employ a proven wealth management expert in proactive and forward-thinking financial advice.

The key to any successful financial plan is not the strategy itself. The combination of taking action, effective implementation, long-term commitment, and discipline brings a financial plan to life and makes it successful in reaching your goals.

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