We cannot control everything in the years ahead, but we can control how we live out our future.

The future is uncertain. We forecast the weather to an extent, but what about our own lives? How will you be living in your 50’s, 60’s and throughout retirement? Will you have the needed funds to live the type of lifestyle you want, or will you be relying on the aged pension, just getting by?

True, the future may be so far away that you push it aside, intending to deal with it another time. However, the real truth is, there’s no better time to start planning for a better future than now.

Having confidence knowing that your future is secure; that you will be able to support yourself and your family – not just today or tomorrow, but in 20, 30, 40-year’s time and beyond, is priceless. It’s the kind of peace of mind that money can’t buy.

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Confidence Is More Than a Mindset

Being confident in your future isn’t just about being an optimist or knowing you have the finances to live comfortably. It’s about having a strategic plan that guides you through life to reach your goals.

Life can throw us a curveball at any stage. You need to be prepared to jump a few hurdles along the track and, most importantly, have suitable measures in place to help you over each hurdle as you approach them.

Having protection and securities in place to help cushion any potential curveballs – accessing and addressing potential risks – is just as crucial for building a confident future as is having the needed funds to support you financially in your future.

Building Confidence Starts With a Plan

As mentioned, being confident in your future is more than a mindset. You cannot simply believe in it for it to come to fruition. You have to be proactive. You have to take the steps needed to build a secure future, starting with a strategic financial plan.

Think of the plan as a roadmap for life, a map identifying and addressing life’s key components (below), Recommendations and an Implementation Plan. A financial plan will provide you with the tools required to jump over life’s hurdles and get you to the finish line.

Key Components of a Financial Plan

Financial Goals & Objectives
Income Tax Planning
Balance Sheet
Issues & Problems
Risk Management & Insurance
Retirement & Lifestyle Needs
Cash Flow Statement
Investment Planning
Estate Planning
Implementation Plan

The Three P's of Strategic Planning

A good strategic plan addresses the three P’s of strategic planning; Purpose, Planning, and Process.


What is the purpose of the plan? Consider your goals and objectives. You should have a list of short terms and long term goals. It may be lifestyle orientated, such as an overseas holiday or a financial goal, to pay off your mortgage in 15 years.


How can your goals and objectives be realistically achieved? What services and products will help you attain your goals and objectives with the best outcome in the quickest timeframe? Strengths and weaknesses are assessed in the planning process to devise a relationship-oriented plan with goal-based advice.


How is the financial advice implemented? A successful plan relies on the financial advisor’s ability to implement the plan and adapt to changes, and the client’s willingness to stick to the plan, regardless of market swings.

Understanding the Value of Advice

No two strategic plans are the same, and not all strategic plans will yield the same results. A plan’s level of success depends on the advisor and their ability to implement their advice.

There is value in advice, a great deal of value if it comes from the right financial advisor!

Previously, a financial advisor’s value was measured by their ability to beat a benchmark. Today, it is better measured by the impact their services have on clients’ financial outcomes, which is how it should be!

Tailored goal-based advice will always yield the best results, and for this, you need the right financial advisor.

The right financial advisor will understand who you are, know your goals and financial position, and put forth the best strategic plan to meet your goals and objectives. They will be relationship-oriented, solution-focused and goal-based, and they will have the ability to implement their advice. They will provide conviction, accountability, transparency, and confidence in their advice and build long-term trust that doesn’t falter when the market is volatile.

The right financial advisor will provide you with all the confidence needed to know your future is in good hands; that all bases are covered. The professional advice they provide will add meaningful value that can exponentially benefit your future growth.

The Centaur Financial Services Difference

You will find no better value in a financial advisor than those at Centaur Financial Services. As members of the Most Trusted Advisor Network, we are known for our trustworthiness and transparency, which has been instrumental in our success. We have won countless awards, including the 2018 AFA Advisor of the Year Winner and the 2019 IFA Excellence Awards Goal-Based Advisor of the Year Winner for our goal-based approach to financial planning.

We understand the importance of relationship-oriented, goal-based advice. We form a strong bond with every client to ensure our strategic plans produce the best financial outcome for our clients. In 2020, we were finalists in the IFA Excellence Awards Client Outcome of the Year award.

Gain complete confidence in your future by contacting one of the Gold Coast’s most awarded financial planning firm today.

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