We all have goals. However, setting a goal isn’t the difficult part; achieving them is.

Unfortunately, most goals in life cost money, some a lot more than others. Whether your goal is to buy a home or investment property, retire in style, go on an overseas holiday, or buy your dream car or boat, you can only reach your goal if you have the funds to do so.

However big or small your goal may be, anything is possible with the right planning and a lot of ambition.

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One Micro-Goal At A Time

Setting the goal of owning a home outright by the age of 40 is a big goal, and it can seem like an impossible task, one that’s too unrealistic. However, if you break it down and set yourself a micro-goal, such as putting $20,000 towards your mortgage a year, then the goal becomes all the more possible.

Start by simplifying your finances to reduce your debt and financial burdens. Once simplified, you can create a realistic budget and determine how much extra you can put towards your mortgage above the minimum loan repayment.

By creating micro-goals within your goal, you can rewards yourself along the way, which will encourage you to continue working towards your goal.

Make Your Goal Real

To make your goal more than a pipedream, give it a name. In this case, your may call your goal the “Own Home Fund”. The “Own Home Fund” is now a real thing that you can talk about and nurture, as you would a pet.

By talking about your “Own Home Fund”, discussing it with friends and family, you will be encouraged to continue saving, striving to reach each micro-goal until you reach your primary goal.

If you stick to the budget you set for yourself, there is no reason why you cannot meet your goal

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Need Help?

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