Now’s the time to enjoy retirement

Retirement starts a whole new stage of your life that you want to feel excited about, not timid or scared. We encourage all our clients to reignite their hobbies and interests or find new ones that make them feel good about getting out of bed each day and enjoying all they’ve worked so hard for.

Our favourite line from retirees is “I don’t know how I ever had time for work” and this shows us our clients are living retirement right. Whether you have just started your retirement or are already a few summers into it – we can help you create the retirement lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

But with Australians all living longer and more actively, how you make your savings last and maintain your standard living can present a real financial planning challenge.

Having Centaur as your trusted retirement adviser gives you the peace of mind knowing you have a team who are on your side.

Achieve your retirement aspirations

This is the time to indulge in hobbies or travel, enjoy your family and prepare for transferring your wealth. You may be thinking of:

preserving your capital
buying a caravan
inheritance tax mitigation
gifting to family

We believe everyone deserves a financial plan that is regularly monitored and reviewed to help fund your retirement needs and achieve your retirement aspirations.

People get their income in retirement from:

Our role is to assist you to build and understand how your financial resources will provide for you after you’ve received your last paycheck.

We do this by developing a financial plan that takes advantage of the generous tax concessions available.

Preserve your nest egg

Our retirement advisers help structure your investments in a tax-effective way that also enables your portfolio not to be reliant on the ups and downs of the share market. We’ll also assist you with understanding and planning for any Centrelink benefits that could be available.

At this stage in your life, you want to have a steady income that provides you with the lifestyle you desire. But at the same time, preserving your capital so it lasts your lifetime, is just as important. Our retirement advisers work with you to determine the best approach for you to achieve each of these outcomes.

Then you want to ensure the wealth you have built for yourself over a lifetime can be passed down to your children or grandchildren effectively.

retirement advice gold coast

A focus on generational wealth transfer strategies

Our retirement advisers will take the time to get to understand your wishes in relation to how your wealth is passed on. While getting the legalities in place with a will is a good starting point for estate planning, with considerable sums of money looking to be passed down, getting your investments set up in a tax-effective way can be important too.

Having a plan on how and when your assets are transferred and discussing the plan with the beneficiaries can ensure all parties involved understand your intentions and the process.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wealth transfer as all families are different. We’ll work with you to prepare a well-integrated plan to ensure a successful transfer of wealth between generations.

We’re by your side to bring you the right financial advice during your retirement

Initially, you’ll meet one of our Gold Coast retirement advisers and we’ll work through our proven financial planning process. Through this process you’ll:

Gain a clear understanding of your current position and any current roadblocks
Discuss your financial and lifestyle goals
Work through the range of financial options and strategies available to you to help you achieve your goals

This may lead to a financial plan which would include the following:

Understanding your retirement income

We’ll work with you to provide clarity and confidence around where your retirement income is coming from and to ensure you can achieve a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Using pensions effectively

We’ll work out what you’re entitled to and how you can structure your assets and investments to maximise your tax-Complimentary income.

Transferring wealth to the next generation

Putting a plan in place for how and when your assets are transferred to your beneficiaries. As well as ensuring all parties involved understand your intentions and the process.

Preserve your capital

Ensuring you have enough retirement funds to last well into old age is important. At this time in your life preserving your capital can also help act as a buffer during times of economic downturns.

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