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Your superannuation has been working hard for you, but you are looking for a little more control. A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) may be the answer.

Unlike standard super funds, SMSFs offer more flexibility and control over where and how you invest your superannuation. It essentially gives you the keys to unlock your super’s true potential.

An SMSF can provide greater risk management, investment management, retirement planning and estate planning. However, it’s essential to seek expert SMSF advice on the Gold Coast before establishing your own self-managed fund.

Centaur Financial Services are SMSF Specialists

Our Gold Coast SMSF specialists will help navigate you through the challenging aspects of an effective SMSF and provide you with the right advice and investment strategies to maximise your return on investment. Our goal is to support and educate you through the lifecycle of your fund to maximise the benefits. After all, isn’t that the point of having an SMSF?

As at March 2020, the nearly 600,000 SMSFs in Australia had a combined total of 1.119 million members and accounted for $676 billion, or about 25% of the $2.7 trillion invested in superannuation.

– superguide.com.au

Get in touch with our team of expert Gold Coast SMSF Advisors today to unlock its true potential.

SMSF Advice Gold Coast

Benefits of A Self Managed Super Fund

There are many benefits to setting up a Self Managed Super Fund, but you can avail greater benefits by investing in professional advice. True, an SMSF can provide you with greater control over your money, tax-effective investments, costs and flexibility, but unless you have the right advice, you may be no better off than having your superannuation in a standard super fund. And this is where Centaur’s Gold Coast SMSF specialists can help!

When offering SMSF advice on the Gold Coast, we look beyond your fund; we take a holistic view of your financial position, life stage, family, and business, to develop a strategy that works best for you. We take the time you understand your current situation, and where you want to be in retirement, and work together with you every step of the way.

Our SMSF advisors can help you:

Establish an SMSF
Access funds from your SMSF
Administer and manage your SMSF
Determine if your SMSF has the right assets to generate the required income
Take care of ATO compliance and reporting requirements
Pay for your Life Insurance through your SMSF
Help apply for an SMSF loan to purchase a property
Supercharge your superfund ROI

The Centaur Difference

Centaur Financial Services isn’t just another Gold Coast financial advice and planning firm. You’re not just another client. We get to know you on a personal basis, to deliver a first-class service that is unmatched by our counterparts. Your success is our success, and we don’t take this for granted.

Our Gold Coast SMSF advisors have a wealth of knowledge to help you maximise your superannuation nest egg. We have the experience and know-how to devise personalised SMSF investment strategies to ensure you capitalise on your fund.

When you meet with our advisors, we undertake a winning six-step planning process. The result? A successful SMSF investment strategy that arms you with the advice, education, and actions needed to maximise your returns.

You’ve already made an important decision in wanting to set up an SMSF, why not make another by entrusting our expert Gold Coast SMSF advisors with your financial future? Contact Centaur Financial Services today.


Centaur's Proven Planning Process


Discuss where you are, set your goals and agree to terms of engagement


Analyse your current financial position and identify goal-based gaps


Cultivate a strategy comprising suitable products and services


Discuss the recommended strategies and your implementation plan


Implement the strategies and recommendations on your behalf

Ongoing Advice

Review your financial plan, external impacts, and investment portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions About Superannuation Planning

  • Are SMSFs a good idea?

    In the right situation, SMSFs can be very lucrative. However, it’s important to understand the risks before establishing a fund. Generally speaking, SMSFs are beneficial to those with a large super balance (over $200,000), investing and legal experience, and enough time to manage a fund.

    Self Managed Super Funds are just that; self-managed. Therefore, you need to have the time and expertise to do just that. If you lack either, a SMSF can be detrimental to your financial future. For this reason, many turn to expert Gold Coast SMSF advisors, such as Centaur Financial Services.

  • How much money do you need for a SMSF?

    For an SMSF to be worthwhile, the general consensus is that you need to have accumulated at least $200,000 of superannuation. However, a report from The Productivity Commission found that on average, SMSFs with balances below $500,000 have lower returns after expenses and tax compared to APRA-regulated funds (a standard superannuation fund). This being said, there are times when starting balance, under $500,000 may be financially beneficial and that a starting balance of $500,000 may not be helpful. It depends on your circumstances, experience, and investment goals.

    To find out if you have enough money to establish an SMSF, arrange a complimentary meeting with one of our SMSF advisors Gold Coast.

  • Can you buy property with a Self Managed Super Fund?

    One of the main attractions of setting up an SMSF is to use your superannuation to purchase property. The incentive here is that you are only taxed 15%, which can be substantially lower than your personal tax rates.

    However, you can only purchase property through a SMSF, if you follow the rules.

    Any property you invest in must:

    • Pass the ‘sole purpose test’; whereby it is purchased only to offer members retirement benefits
    • Not be purchased by any relations of a fund member
    • Not be occupied by a fund member or fund member relations
    • Not be rented by a fund member or any fund member relations
  • What can a SMSF invest in?

    A SMSF provides the financial freedom to invest your superannuation where and how you like, so long as it complies with the investment restrictions. In general terms, you cannot acquire assets from, or lend money to fund members or relations, and your fund cannot borrow money. However, it can invest in the following investment opportunities:

    • Australian Shares
    • International Shares
    • Residential Property
    • Commercial Property
    • Gold and Silver
    • Non-traditional assets (art, coins, antiques, collectibles, etc.)
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Cash and Term Deposits
    • Managed Funds
  • Can I withdraw money from my SMSF?

    It’s tempting to withdraw money from a SMSF, and you can; however, you should be aware of the penalties first. SMSF can pay benefits by means of an income stream, lump-sum figure or a combination of both, but if you withdraw money from your super fund without following the rules and regulations, you may face heavy penalties.

    The ATO states, “As a trustee, if you knowingly allow illegal access to super you may incur penalties of up to $504,000 and jail terms of up to five years, or fines of up to $2.52 million for corporate trustees.

    Less-severe penalties include higher taxes or disqualification from being able to operate as a trustee of an SMSF.

    It’s always best to talk to your SMSF advisor before withdrawing money from your super fund.

  • How much can I withdraw from my SMSF?

    SMSF withdrawals can be either a lump-sum payment or a pension, where you receive periodic payments. To receive pension payments, you must first reach the preservation age, which varies depending on your date of birth. Pension payments can be either Account-Based Pension or Transition to Retirement (TTR). You can receive TTR  payments as soon as you reach the preservation age, however, to receive Account-Based Pension payments, you need to be over 65 or retired, and have reached the preservation age.

    To receive a lump-sum payment, you must meet the condition of release specified by your fund. Be mindful though; there are tax consequences of taking $200,000 or more as a lump-sum payment.

    Find out more on our Centrelink and Age Pension page.

    It’s best to talk to your Gold Coast SMSF advisor to see which option is best for you.

  • Can you live in your SMSF property once retired?

    Once you are fully retired, you can possibly live in your SMSF property if you are structured properly. You cannot, however, live in the property until you retire or reach the preservation age. And there are more conditions and aspects to think about.

    For more information on SMSFs, visit the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.

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Long time client of Hugh and the team - extremely happy with the thoroughness and attention to the individual circumstances as life changes.
sandra gibbs
sandra gibbs
00:41 11 Oct 21
Being introduced to Hugh Robertson by our long term accountant 10 years ago turned into a great relationship with a progressive young man who cares about his clientele as well as their wealth creation and retirement plans!!
russell bloxsom
russell bloxsom
01:52 08 Oct 21
Going to visit Hugh is a real pleasure and not just something I have to do.Hugh is a genuinely delightful and sincerely man, caring about all of his clientsAnd obviously doing his very best at all times.His Staff are all personally chosen to reflect his qualities.I would recommend Hugh and Centaur Finances to anybody needed quality care for their finances.Marilyn Culell
Marilyn Culell
Marilyn Culell
00:08 07 Oct 21
We have had the pleasure of working with Hugh and his team over the last year as well as being used by other family members for years. Centaur Financial Services is nothing but professional, helpful and very friendly - Couldn't recommend the team enough.
Courtney Edwards
Courtney Edwards
03:44 06 Oct 21
My wife and myself have invested with Centaur Financial Services and I am very happy with their service. My son and daughter have also invested with them. They have our whole family.
Wayne Evans
Wayne Evans
10:13 05 Oct 21
We are very satisfied with Hugh's (Centaur's) management of our SMSF and the fees are more than competitive and realistic.
John Beard
John Beard
05:55 04 Oct 21
Very professional and knowledgeable in the Finance & Super business Hugh and his team are at the top of the game when it comes to dealing with personal finance. Extremely glad to have Centaur taking care of my future..
Dave Hair
Dave Hair
06:43 09 Sep 21
My Wife and I have been with Centaur Financial Services Gold Coast for several years and have had not only Professional service but well explained information with better than expected results , we would highly recommend them.
Richard Kownacki
Richard Kownacki
05:10 06 Sep 21
The team at Centaur have provided us with great insight into investing. We had spoken to the others, before the team at Centaur. We found them to be responsive, timely with the information we required. As a result of the professionalism shown, I have sought their advice for my whole family. A special mention to Jenna Wheeler. What an asset, she is goal orientated and will extend herself to ensure clients needs are fulfilled. Highly recommended.
Paul Grech
Paul Grech
23:33 02 Sep 21
My initial consultation with Jenna gave me more advice and assistance than I had expected. Jenna's friendly yet professional manner and knowledge has given me the confidence to book another appointment with her for assistance in my impending retirement planning.
Susanna Fonay
Susanna Fonay
04:51 01 Sep 21
Hugh talks to you as a friend, and as an adviser .He speaks at your level and knows the best products to suit where you are in life. We thoroughly recommend Centaur Financial Services, Hugh and the team.
Steven Caruana
Steven Caruana
07:01 29 Aug 21
If you are looking for a company that will go above and beyond to look after you and your money, you can do no better than Centaur Financial Services. Real People, Real Service and Real Returns.
Karen Hobbs
Karen Hobbs
07:26 24 Nov 20
Hugh has been our financial advisor for over ten years. We have always felt very comfortable and confident, trusting in Hugh’s knowledge and strategies in his industry. The Centaur team are friendly and efficient and would have no hesitation in recommending Centaur Financial Services to anyone looking for financial advice.
Pam Lindores
Pam Lindores
06:38 24 Nov 20
Hugh has always made us feel comfortable in every interaction we have had with him and his team, very professional but to a standard that we as non financial experts understand what he is talking about, we feel his advice to us has always made sense.
Peter Craig
Peter Craig
10:12 23 Nov 20
I have felt comfortable from the outset with all interactions with Hugh and the crew. It is nice to feel this way and I feel a rare experience in our current business climate.
Linda Leighton
Linda Leighton
10:03 23 Nov 20
Could not be happier with how our Super is being handled. Hugh and the pleasant girls at Palm Beach would literally bend over backwards for any of their clients.We would not hesitate to recommend Centaur Financial Services to anyone that is looking for a reliable and honest crew to look after their financial affairs.
Ronnie Foley
Ronnie Foley
05:30 07 Aug 20
I have found all members of Centaur staff to be unfailingly prompt, efficient and considerate. They have all seen me through some difficult personal issues and i would have no hesitation in recommending the firm to anyone in need of financial planning assistance or advice.
Ronald Black
Ronald Black
03:59 23 Jul 20
I have known Hugh for more than ten years and have always found him approachable, direct and very client centric. Hugh was a deserved winner of the 2018 AFA Adviser of the Year award, an award which eclipses all others in the advice profession. Hugh and his team at Centaur support many Australian families on their financial journey with advice that provides certainty and peace of mind.
Marshall Brentnall
Marshall Brentnall
23:05 30 Oct 19

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