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A little over a week ago, Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research,  announced the finalists of the 2021 Morningstar Australia Awards. This annual awards program is designed to recognise and celebrate the best of the Australian fund management profession, and the AAN Investment Committee are pleased to see that several funds in our portfolios have been selected as finalists for these awards.

Many of you will know that our licensee is the Australian Advice Network, or AAN, however it is the AAN Investment Committee that is responsible for building and maintaining the investment portfolios that more than several thousand investors rely on for financial peace of mind.

“Our portfolios include high-quality funds, drawn from traditional asset classes, and as an Investment Committee we avoid financially engineered products, and illiquid funds.  We believe our focus on transparency and risk management ultimately results in better outcomes for our clients,” said Troy Theobald, Chairman of the AAN Investment Committee.

“We are excited to see that in what was a very challenging year, our managers were not distracted by the pandemic, patience was rewarded, and our mutual investors have benefited”, said Hugh Robertson, a member of the AAN Investment Committee and Director of Centaur Financial Services.

From all of the AAN family, thank you and congratulations to the Portfolio Managers and their teams at Vanguard Investments Australia, Perpetual Investments, Bennelong Australian Equity Partners, Hyperion Asset Management, Franklin Templeton and First Sentier Investors for their nominations.

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