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9 tips for improving your profits

January 12, 2024
There are many advantages to running a small business. You have the flexibility and independence to make your own decisions, you can turn your vision into a reality and then reap the rewards. However, there are financial risks and it can be difficult to make a profit, particularly when times are tough and there is…
Contractor or employee - Which are you

Contractor or employee: Which are you?

February 4, 2021
With COVID-19 having a significant impact on traditional employment, many people are working as a contractor for the first time either by choice or necessity. It’s not just a lifestyle decision; from the tax and superannuation perspective, there are important differences between being an employee and a contractor. For employers, you also need to recognise…

Review of 2020, outlook for 2021 – from Pandemic to Recovery

December 10, 2020
Key points 2020 was dominated by the Coronavirus pandemic but shares saw okay returns on the back of policy stimulus and vaccine optimism, resulting in constrained but positive returns for balanced growth super funds. For 2021, the combination of massive policy stimulus and the prospect of vaccines allowing a return to something more normal by…

JobKeeper – Easing eligibility

August 31, 2020
More businesses and not-for-profits will be eligible for JobKeeper payment extension under a $15.6 billion change to the scheme announced on August 7.  The Government initially outlined the JobKeeper extension guidelines on July 21 but says it needs to extend its criteria after the Victoria Government implemented stricter lockdowns across the state this week. Changes…

Unintended consequences of Government COVID-19 Policies

June 9, 2020
For every action there is a reaction. And while we’re not criticising the government’s policy response to COVID-19, we recognise that such intervention often has unintended consequences.  Take lower interest rates for instance. Central banks intended to make the cost of investment cheaper and be stimulatory. Instead, Australian households borrowed more money to buy bigger…

Keeping the economy moving

May 11, 2020
The Morrison Government’s mind-bogglingly large support packages to get Australians through the COVID-19 shutdown have dominated headlines, and rightly so. Only months ago, the Australian economy was in relatively good shape and headed for a Budget surplus. It’s not just the Government that has swung into action. Behind the scenes, the Reserve Bank of Australia…

5 Tips to work productively remotely

April 14, 2020
In the current climate, many businesses are needing to make changes to accommodate staff working remotely. If you are able to work from home the ensuing changes to your work habits can be challenging to negotiate, however there are things you can do to ensure that you maintain productivity and motivation while you’re not in…

JobKeeper Payment now officially passed by the Government

April 14, 2020
On April 8th, the JobKeeper package was passed by both sides of Parliament and legislated. This update offers further guidance on the scheme. Workers with multiple jobs If you are employed by multiple businesses, you are only eligible to receive the payment from your nominated primary employer. Timing The JobKeeper will be available from March…

Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Businesses

April 14, 2020
The coronavirus is first and foremost a health crisis, but as measures are being taken to reduce the spread of the virus throughout the community, many profitable businesses may temporarily suffer financial hardships. The Government announced the following initiatives to assist these businesses to make it through the crisis and resume normal business. Temporary higher…

Finding safe harbours when business is rough

November 27, 2019
Australia’s economy is growing at a slower pace than many would like, with small businesses in some sectors doing it tough. Recognising the warning signs of potential insolvency is key to trading through difficult times. Basically, an insolvent company is one that is unable to pay its debts when they fall due. A company can’t…

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