The Australian Government’s JobKeeper program is designed to help an estimated six million workers to retain their jobs through the crisis.

Eligible employees will earn $1500 per fortnight. If you earn less than $1500 you will be ‘topped up’ to $1500 per fortnight.

In order to be eligible you must be aged at least 16 and be an Australian citizen or permanent, special category or Protected Special Category visa holder. Non protected PSC visa holders must have been in Australia for 10 or more years. You will need to be a permanent full time or part time employee or have been employed over 12 months as a casual employee.

Employees made redundant since 1 March are still eligible for the JobKeeper Payment, provided your employers is willing to rehire you.

The self-employed and businesses without employees are also eligible to apply.

The new JobKeeper Payment replaces the previously announced JobSeeker Payment for those who have been stood down and are still employed by a business. If you have already applied for Centrelink support and your employer wants to rehire you, you will move onto the JobKeeper Payment. Employees will need to inform Centrelink about their new income.

You will only be eligible to receive a JobKeeper Payment from one employer, even if you have several jobs.

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Information in this article has been sourced from the Treasury website:

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