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Hugh recently chatted with Melissa Jenkins of The New Daily to discuss and share some knowledge on Ethical Investing

According to The New Daily, building wealth while maintaining a social and environmental conscience may seem implausible to some – but it’s not.

Ethical investing is a major trend within financial markets and people are making plenty of money investing in companies with green credentials.

If you want to start investing ethically, your first step could be to ensure your superannuation, or the stocks in your investment portfolio, aren’t funding activities like coal mining, tobacco or human rights abuses.

The next level in ethical investing is to filter your decisions through a positive lens by having a stake in companies involved in things like clean energy, medical breakthroughs and developing efficient transport.

Excerpt below

Centaur Financial Services principal adviser Hugh Robertson told The New Daily  “investing your cash ethically won’t have a major impact on your returns.”

“It doesn’t cost you more to have a conscience,” he said. 

“Choose what your shade of green is,” Mr Robertson said.

“You have got to be able to read the label on the product.”

Mr Robertson said generally millennials are more likely to seek out information about ethical investing than older generations but a broad range of people are keen to know more once they’re aware of the options. 

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