Principals in practice
Managing Director, Hugh Robertson joins Eleanor Menniti, Head of Client Product Strategy & Consultant Relations at BlackRock, on the Principals in Practice Podcast Series hosted by Tahn Sharpe.

Tahn Sharpe, Editor of Professional Planner recently shared on the ‘Switching the managed accounts tap on’ podcast, that managed accounts present a clear value proposition for most advice practices, with the agility of its operations meaning trades can happen across the board and in an instant.

Throughout this podcast, Tahn asks Hugh and Eleanor a variety of questions about what it is like for a firm going from wrap platforms to managed account platforms, and what are the challenges, dangers, and opportunities. He also aims to ask what the product landscape is like and how do big producers like Blackrock put model portfolios together, and to what level does consultancy with advisers comes into play.

If you want to know more, click below to listen to the podcast:

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