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You can catch the latest episode on Spotify or YouTube called: the PODCAST – FAQs 3.0 | Episode 11.

Episode 11 has our Financial Advisers – Nick Georgopoulos and Bobby Byrne⁠ answering some of our more pressing client FAQs around Superannuation.

This informative episode has Nick and Bobby talking about:

  • Defined Benefit Fund versus Accumulation Account
  • The difference between a Reversionary Beneficiary nomination and a Binding Death Nomination
  • Establishing an SMSF and the need to know
  • Implications and rules around the proposed 3-million cap to superannuation – Div 296
  • Superannuation Death Tax and how its charged
  • Investing in Superannuation versus investing in a personal name and considerations around legislative risks in Super.

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the PODCAST - Centaur Financial Services

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Recorded 14th November 2023

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