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Happy New Year to all our valued clients! Whether you are still relaxing on your summer break or back at work, we wish you and your families a happy and prosperous 2019.

As a new year begins it is always valuable to look in the rear-view mirror at the year behind us to see how we got here and if there are lessons to be learned.

It was not the result investors hoped for, but the late pullback in global financial markets in 2018 was more a sign of uncertainty and unfinished business than the state of the global economy. In this snapshot, we review 2018 and the issues that weighed on investors’ minds. From US interest rates to the US-China trade stand-off, Brexit, falling commodity prices, Australian political uncertainty and falling house prices, there was plenty to divert attention from solid economic gains.

In this issue:

The 2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

Investors started 2018 full of hope, with the global economy and financial markets in good shape, but by year’s end they were uncertain and a little anxious about what lay ahead. Markets responded with last minute falls across all asset classes. Read more…

Financial rules to live by in 2019

Financial Rules to live by in 2019

Australia has enjoyed almost three decades of economic sunshine. But it’s worth remembering that dark clouds can appear without warning over both individuals and economies. Read more…

Small steps add up

Small steps add up

Sometimes, when thinking about your long-term financial goals, they can seem so big as to be insurmountable. But the truth is, those that achieve financial success don’t usually do so by encountering a sudden windfall. Rather, they have in place a set of small habits that allow them to work towards their dreams. And by investing small amounts over the long-term, they see big outcomes. Read more…

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