Kelly Doughty


  • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment

Kelly Doughty

Head of People and Culture

Diploma in Hospitality Management, Cert IV Training and Assessment

“Excellence is not a skill; it’s an attitude.” Ralph Marston.

Kelly Doughty is the Head of People and Culture at Centaur Financial Services, where she plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s success through her exceptional leadership and commitment to fostering a positive work culture.

With over a decade of extensive experience in business and people management, Kelly has consistently demonstrated her dedication to providing outstanding client care, earning her multiple independent Customer Service awards. Her passion for delivering exceptional service and creating memorable client experiences has made her a true advocate for WOW!

In her role as the Head of People and Culture, Kelly plays a multifaceted role within the Centaur team. As the head of Human Resources and Marketing, she also provides invaluable support and looks after the business from a strategic standpoint, overseeing staff and business management which allows her to have a comprehensive impact on the organisation.

Throughout her career, Kelly has been widely recognised as a superior leader, known for her ability to develop strong, self-sustaining teams by enhancing communication and driving efficiency and culture. Kelly firmly believes that effective leadership is the key to keeping a group of people united and focused, preventing them from becoming lost or disconnected. Her leadership philosophy centres around empowering teams to lead the way and achieve success collaboratively.

One of Kelly’s core beliefs revolves around the power of a positive attitude. She finds genuine joy in enriching the lives of employees and customers, often going above and beyond to make a meaningful difference. Embodying her favourite quote, Kelly understands that the smallest acts of kindness, can create ripples of positivity that impact individuals’ lives in profound ways.

Enthusiastic about being part of Centaur, Kelly is committed to leading the way in enhancing clients’ financial well-being and empowering them to live fulfilling lives across all aspects.

Beyond her professional role, Kelly is deeply devoted to her family and actively supports her community through various charity organisations. Among them, the Breast Cancer and McGrath Foundation hold a special place in her heart, motivating her to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

As the Head of People and Culture at Centaur Financial Services, Kelly Doughty continues to inspire and uplift both her team and the clients they serve, making a lasting impression with her exceptional leadership, genuine care, and positive attitude.