Kelly Doughty

Kelly Doughty

Executive Assistant to Hugh Robertson

“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.” Ralph Marston.

Kelly joins the Centaur Team with over a decade of experience in business and people management. Winner of multiple independent Customer Service awards, Kelly brings with her a true passion for providing exceptional client care and has an abundance of experience in the realm of Customer Service within a business setting. She is a true Advocate for WOW!

Kelly’s role within the Centaur team has her wearing many hats. As the Executive Assistant to Hugh Robertson, Kelly also looks after Centaur from a business and strategy perspective having her hand in Staff and Business Management as well as Marketing.

Kelly is considered a superior leader with a track record of developing strong, self-sustaining teams through improving communication and efficiency. She believes that without leadership, a group of people can become lost and disconnected however with the right leader, a strong team will form and begin to lead the way, united.

As her favourite quote depicts, Kelly truly believes in the power of a positive attitude and is most happy when she has enriched a customer’s life in a way they never expected. “It could be as small as offering an umbrella in the pouring rain. You never know the ripple effect you can have one someone’s day or life and it’s the little things that truly make a difference and have a lasting effect.”

Kelly’s looks forward to being a part of Centaur leading the way in helping improve client’s financial wellbeing and giving them the opportunity to live well in all aspects of their life.

When Kelly is not assisting the team at Centaur, she is looking after her family and supporting her community through various charity organisations, with the Breast Cancer and McGrath Foundation close to her heart.

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