Markets love certainty, but what happens next?

April 2, 2024
Financial markets can be like finely tuned racehorses, poised to gallop ahead under ideal conditions but often highly reactive to unexpected events. It’s often said that the markets love certainty. Investors feel more confident when economic conditions are stable and predictable. But certainty in financial conditions is never a sure thing. Uncertainty is always just…

Investing lessons from the pandemic

August 3, 2021
When the coronavirus pandemic hit financial markets in March 2020, almost 40 per cent was wiped…
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Building wealth in diversity

October 9, 2019
What a difference a year makes. In recent months, Australian shares hit a record high, the Aussie dollar dipped to levels not seen since the GFC and interest rates were cut to historic lows. Towards the end of 2018, shares were in the doldrums and while experts agreed the Aussie dollar would go lower most…
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Golden rules of investing

February 6, 2018
At first glance, investing can seem daunting. So much complex information and so little time to absorb and act on it when you’re busy getting on with life. It’s little wonder that so many of us put it in the too hard basket for longer than is good for our wealth. 

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