Ready, Set, Goals – Is it time for a mid-year check-in?

July 1, 2024
Making time throughout the year to review and reassess the goals you set at the beginning of the year is just as important as setting the goals themselves. Now is the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve achieved to date and determine whether you’re still on track to achieving some or all of them…

Stepping stones to reach your goals

January 13, 2022
The calendar turns over to a fresh, brand new year, full of promise, so how do we keep these promises we make to ourselves and get to the end of the year with our resolutions intact and goals realised? We all start out with good intentions when we set our objectives for the year to…
Soaring to success in 2021

Soaring to success in 2021

January 11, 2021
The start of a new year is a great time to reassess where you are in life, your career or business – decide what you want to achieve and put some strategies in place to work towards achieving even your most ambitious goals. The start of this new year is a little unusual as for…
Goal setting is one thing – achieving your goals is something else entirely. So what makes the difference between a goal that is achieved and one that falls by the wayside? Research has shown that people who achieve their goals are more likely to do so because they create a vision of their future and are emotionally connected to their goals.i Goal setting for the new year This time of the year is often when we come up with goals, but despite positive intentions, we can easily lose sight of them. There are different approaches to goal setting. SMART goals are often recommended as they’re more considered and measurable, as you follow specific steps in establishing your goal. However, they’re not fail-safe though – a leadership study found that people who set SMART goals are less likely to love their jobs, and only 14% of respondents believed their goals would help them achieve “great things.”ii The study found that many of us don’t strive for difficult goals, which is where HARD goals can help. H.A.R.D goals HARD goals connect your vision to your emotions and values, which then really push and challenge you to achieve great things. They comprise of four elements: Heartfelt, Animated, Required and Difficult. Heartfelt There’s no use setting a goal you have no connection with. For example, climbing the corporate ladder or buying a home, common goals for many of us, don’t resonate with everyone – if they don’t, you’re unlikely to strive to achieve them. Instead, hone in on what truly matters to you and how you want to feel. If you have visions of a relaxed retirement, financial freedom at the end of your working life will motivate you. Or perhaps that entrepreneurial spirit wants to be set Complimentary to start your own venture. Whatever it is, ensure your goals align with your vision and focus on the outcome. Animated Whether you’re naturally a visual thinker or not, by animating your goal you are picturing exactly what it will look like. By visualising your goal, you’re making it real and building a deeper emotional connection to it. If you want to grow your business, visualise customers walking in the door or travelling to a new destination to set up a new office. If you want to change careers, see yourself in that field, talking to your new co-workers and learning the skills you will need. This image will provide ongoing motivation and will drive to achieve your outcome. Required This element reduces the risk of procrastination, as you’ll be clearer as to why you need to meet this goal. For instance, you might set a goal around doing further training, setting specific courses to complete in the year, in order to progress your career. You can explore what is required to achieve your goal by considering if it would happen should you not meet it. For example, if you plan on running a marathon, clearly a running schedule and fitness regime is necessary in order to meet your ultimate goal. Difficult Just as the name suggests, HARD goals aren’t meant to be easy – and you’ll get greater satisfaction meeting difficult goals. Identify what it is you want to do but are hesitant about in case you fail, or perhaps even if you succeed! While you don’t want to create goals so difficult they’ll be impossible to reach, you want them to be a challenge and of great importance to you. Perhaps it will be learning a new language, when you’re not much of a linguist, in order to apply for that job overseas, or to work your way to the top position in your company by taking on more responsibilities. At the basis of all goals is a desire for change. Picture the future you want and then work steadily towards it. As many goals are financial, get in touch if you need support with your finances or for advice on how to make these goals possible. i ii

Goal setting made easy with the H.A.R.D approach

January 11, 2021
Goal setting is one thing – achieving your goals is something else entirely. So what makes the difference between a goal that is achieved and one that falls by the wayside? Research has shown that people who achieve their goals are more likely to do so because they create a vision of their future and…
lessons from rich list gold coast financial adviser financial advisor

Lessons from the ‘rich list’

September 3, 2018
Most people who are intent on building their personal and business finances know there is no quick road to wealth. While some people dream about their lucky numbers finally being called, others are making every day count.
new year Tackle your New Years resolutions like a pro

Tackle your New Years resolutions like a pro

January 10, 2018
Ever look back on past New Year’s resolutions and notice they failed, not with a bang, but with a whimper? There was no dramatic quitting of that new class and no midnight burger binge. Instead, time just gets away from us. Other priorities come into our life. We just forget. 
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What’s really holding you back from your goals?

August 2, 2017
Everyone has goals they want to reach, whether they relate to work, family, lifestyle, or sport. But it seems like only a few people achieve what they set out to do. For the rest of us, success is always just out of reach. It’s got to the point where we joke with our friends and…
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New (Financial) Year, new start

July 4, 2017
The end of financial year is the most stressful time for people in many different lines of work. You’re either rushing to get work done, trying to spend budget just in time, or gearing up for the onslaught of tax time and annual reports.
dream retirement

Achieving your dream of early retirement

February 2, 2017
Spending more time with your family. Picking up a brand new hobby. Exploring exotic destinations for longer than your scant weeks of annual leave would allow. However you paint it, retirement is a beautiful goal to work towards. And starting early means you’ve got more time and energy to enjoy it. 

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