‘Sell in May and go away’ – fact or fiction? | The Money Puzzle – Hugh Robertson

May 13, 2024
Hugh Robertson was invited to join James Kirby on the Money Puzzle Podcast which covers all the important property, business, money and finance news. This episode covers: You can catch this episode here.

Life Insights – MetLife Insights Series

May 28, 2020
Hugh sat down for a chat with Noel Lord, Head of Retail Sales and Channel Development at MetLife Australia to discusses how COVID-19 has impacted the way he and his team work and engage with customers. “Good morning everybody, and welcome to the MetLife podcast series. My name’s Noel Lord, and my guest this morning…

Hugh Robertson – The Zurich Adviser Podcast Series

October 26, 2018
Hugh recently sat down with Adam Crabbe, Risk Strategy Specialist at Zurich Financial Services Australia to discuss the Centaur difference, fees and client engagement, and the process of informing clients after the initial client meeting. Listen to the podcast

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