HOw much do you need to retire

How much do you need to retire

September 1, 2022
Working out how much you need to save for retirement is a question that keeps many pre-retirees awake at night. Recent market volatility and fluctuating superannuation balances have only added to the uncertainty. So it’s timely that new research shows you may need less than you fear. For most people, it will certainly be less…

The New Game | Retirement Income – Financial Standard

November 4, 2021
Managing Director of Centaur Financial Services, Hugh Robertson was featured in the ‘Retirement Income’ addition in Financial Standard – Volume 19 Number 20. “I am deeply concerned that retirees are taking on too much risk to generate income and not understanding how to build a retirement portfolio.” – Hugh Robertson According to Financial Standard, Baby…
November 2021

The Rich Life Vol 51

November 2, 2021
It’s November and we’re off with the race that stops a nation. While this is normally a given, the fact that the Spring Carnival is going ahead, and overseas travel is back on the agenda, is a welcome sign that Australia is getting back to business. All eyes were on the September quarter inflation figures…
Retirement income

Retirement income on the house

November 2, 2021
Asset rich and income poor is the dilemma faced by many retirees. But there may be opportunities to boost your income in retirement by tapping into your biggest asset – your home. With property prices booming, many retirees are finding that the home they have lived in for decades is worth a small fortune, but…

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