Preparing for the next chapter

June 1, 2022
Retirement means starting a new chapter of your life, one that gives you the freedom to create your own story, as you decide exactly how you want to spend your time. While retirement may not be part of your immediate plans, there are advantages to giving some thought as to what retirement looks like for…
Easing into retirement

Easing into retirement

February 2, 2022
As the nation drifts back to work and study after the summer break, it’s often a time to start putting your New Year’s resolutions into practice. For some, an extended holiday may have convinced you that you are ready for more of the good life and that it’s time to retire. In the past, that…
Retirement income

Retirement income on the house

November 2, 2021
Asset rich and income poor is the dilemma faced by many retirees. But there may be opportunities to boost your income in retirement by tapping into your biggest asset – your home. With property prices booming, many retirees are finding that the home they have lived in for decades is worth a small fortune, but…

There’s more than one way to boost retirement income

March 2, 2021
After spending their working life building retirement savings, many retirees are often reluctant to eat into their “nest egg” too quickly. This is understandable, given that we are living longer than previous generations and may need to pay for aged care and health costs later in life. But this cautious approach also means many retirees…
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3 ways to lift retirement income

July 2, 2019
Aussies are living 10 years longer than we did 50 years ago; we are also staying fit and active well into retirement. Expectations of retirement are also higher, whether that be overseas travel, learning a new skill or spoiling the grandkids.  Recent changes to boost retirement income may go at least some of the way…

December 2018 – Financial Planning News

December 14, 2018
In this issue:  This month: Avoiding the holiday debt hangover Can you afford your dream retirement Protecting your family December is upon us and summer has arrived with bushfires in Queensland and flooding rains in NSW. Our best wishes go out to all those affected as well as our brave emergency services workers. And to…
Retirement Lifestyle

Can you afford your dream retirement

December 6, 2018
Planning your dream retirement can be an exciting time. The chance to travel overseas or around Australia without having to rush back to work, time to pursue new hobbies, learn a language or spend time with the grandkids. The possibilities are endless, but what will it cost? Working out how much you will need to…
Home Downsizer Contribution

Home and away with super

March 9, 2018
Australians buying their first home or downsizing in retirement are about to receive a helping hand thanks to new superannuation rules which come into effect on July 1. From that date, first home buyers will be able to contribute up to $30,000 into their super fund towards a home deposit while downsizers can put up…
dream retirement

Achieving your dream of early retirement

February 2, 2017
Spending more time with your family. Picking up a brand new hobby. Exploring exotic destinations for longer than your scant weeks of annual leave would allow. However you paint it, retirement is a beautiful goal to work towards. And starting early means you’ve got more time and energy to enjoy it. 

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