Lessons from 2020 to secure a bright future

Lessons from 2020 to secure a bright future

January 11, 2021
It was a year most of us would like to forget. And yet, some of the toughest lessons of 2020 had a silver lining. We weathered bushfires, floods, a pandemic that’s not over yet and a recession that is. Through it all, we emerged a stronger community. Many of us also learned some useful financial…

‘Tis the season for wise spending decisions

December 10, 2020
The traditional festive holiday season is likely to be a little different this year, but one thing is likely to remain the same – the temptation to spend and the post-Christmas budget hangover. Last year Australians spent about $1000 each for Christmas on presents, decorations, travel and charity donations. For 28 per cent of us,…

5 common financial mistakes to avoid during a crisis

August 11, 2020
The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is playing havoc with finances for many households. In an ideal world, the financial boost should be enough and assumes that everyone was financially prepared for tough times. But in times of crisis, it can all be a little overwhelming. Here are 5 common financial mistakes to avoid…
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The changing nature of debt

December 16, 2019
Australians delight in their nation punching above its weight. But there’s little to celebrate in being the world’s silver medallists – we’re a nose behind the Swiss – when it comes to household debt.i With the present-buying, holiday-taking season nigh, millions of Australians could soon find themselves sinking even deeper in the red. Older readers may…
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Positives and Negatives of Negative Gearing

October 9, 2019
Negatively gearing an investment property is viewed by many Australians as a tax effective way to get ahead.  According to Treasury, more than 1.9 million people earned rental income in 2012-13 and of those about 1.3 million reported a net rental loss. So it was no surprise that many people were worried about how they…
Financial rules to live by in 2019

Financial Rules to live by in 2019

January 15, 2019
Australia has enjoyed almost three decades of economic sunshine. But it’s worth remembering that dark clouds can appear without warning over both individuals and economies. You may have little control over being caught up in a round of redundancies or experiencing the fallout of an international trade war. But you can choose to manage your…
Financial Stress

Tackling financial stress

May 2, 2018
You’ve probably heard of social stress – fear of fitting in, feeling anxious about meeting new people. Or you might have experienced stage fright – the stress of public speaking, performing, or presenting in front of people. But there’s another form of stress on the rise that’s potentially affecting Australians much more regularly and seriously…
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It’s time to talk about debt

April 6, 2018
Australia’s household debt is among the highest in the world and rising, thanks largely to worsening housing affordability and plentiful consumer credit. So how do we measure up and should we be worried? Most global comparisons measure total household debt as a percentage of net income. At last count, Australia’s household debt to income was…
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Separating needs from wants

December 13, 2017
Even those of us who have been paragons of responsibility for 51 weeks of the year can be tempted to take a budgeting holiday when Christmas and the summer vacation roll around. Unlike overindulging at the Christmas lunch, this has more than short-term consequences. 
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How to be prepared for climbing interest rates

September 6, 2017
Interest rates have been low for so long it’s tempting to think low rates are the new normal. So when the Reserve Bank suggests that a cash rate of 3.5 per cent is the new ‘neutral’, people take notice. Even the Prime Minister warned Australian householders to prepare for higher interest rates ahead.(i)  That’s good…

Keeping score of your credit rating

May 3, 2017
In many ways, applying for a loan has never been easier. Interest rates are comparatively low and competition among lenders for new business is intense. So it can come as a shock when a loan application is turned down. The reason is often a bad personal credit score, but few people understand what that is,…

Fast track your home loan

February 2, 2017
With interest rates on the rise, now is the time to look at ways to fast track your mortgage. After all, the sooner you pay off your mortgage, the less you will pay in interest. 

Chasing yield in a low interest rate world

October 9, 2016
Low interest rates and unsettled sharemarkets make the chase for yield a challenging prospect. And yield is important, particularly for those approaching or already in the retirement phase. Because maintaining capital and enjoying a steady income stream are the two key factors to provide for comfort in the years ahead. 

Budget your way into the black

September 7, 2016
$2.2 trillion. That’s how much Australian households owe right now, according to the latest ABS stats.i Household liabilities grew by $1.2 billion in the last quarter alone. Real household debt per person has risen steadily by around 2 per cent per year, and now sits at around $79,000 per person.ii

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