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Stepped vs level premiums: which is best?

February 1, 2023
These days, most people hold some form of life insurance in their super account. While this is a welcome safety net, the level of cover held this way is often inadequate. A Rice Warner study back in 2020 found that life cover within superannuation only met about 65-70 per cent of actual need.i With the…

The Rich Life Vol 55

March 2, 2022
It’s March already which marks the beginning of Autumn. While this is traditionally the season when things cool down, the economic and political scene is gearing up with the Federal Budget later this month and a federal election expected by May. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February increased volatility on global financial markets and…

The Rich Life Vol 42

February 6, 2021
It’s February already, crazy how time flies. The kids are back at school and Australia is getting back to business. It’s still not business as usual, but with the vaccine rollout about to begin, there is a growing sense of optimism. There was a sense of relief on the global economic front in January as…

Mind the insurance gap

February 4, 2021
At a time when many people have been focused on their family’s health and livelihood, having adequate life insurance has never been more important. Yet the gap between what we need and what we have, has been growing. Life insurance is all about ensuring your family can maintain their lifestyle if you were to die…
Lessons from 2020 to secure a bright future

Lessons from 2020 to secure a bright future

January 11, 2021
It was a year most of us would like to forget. And yet, some of the toughest lessons of 2020 had a silver lining. We weathered bushfires, floods, a pandemic that’s not over yet and a recession that is. Through it all, we emerged a stronger community. Many of us also learned some useful financial…

Life cover: More essential than ever

October 13, 2020
Living through COVID-19 has brought many challenges and shifting priorities as we deal with the financial impacts of the pandemic, and that includes the issue of life insurance.  On the one hand, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of life cover. On the other, those who may have lost a job or lost income are…

Paying taxes and maximising tax deductions

August 11, 2020
Tax time can feel stressful; however, paying close attention to allowable deductions may lower the tax you need to pay on your tax return. Here are some allowable deductions you may wish to consider when preparing your next return. While every person’s financial circumstances are unique, it can be helpful to be aware of some…

How does your insurance measure up?

February 11, 2020
As a tradie, you are largely dependent on your physical ability to earn a living. So, what would happen if you fell ill or had an accident? Would you be able to continue your current lifestyle? Most tradies work in a far more dangerous environment than any white-collared worker, so the chances of an accident…

How super is your life insurance?

September 9, 2019
For most people, life insurance provides a safety net against unexpected events. This is particularly the case if you have a mortgage, debts or family who are dependent on you earning an income.  In many cases, life insurance has been automatically offered through superannuation. Although 85 per cent of people hold life insurance this way,…

Protecting your family

December 6, 2018
The holidays are traditionally a time to relax and reflect on the importance of family. They are also an opportune moment to think about how you can care for and protect your family all year round.  When you are enjoying the summer break with your loved ones, it can be hard to imagine anything could…
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Weighing up the value of life insurance

March 9, 2018
It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that there is a significant underinsurance gap between what we would need to maintain our standard of living should the unthinkable happen, and what we are actually covered for in the way of insurance. 
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Life insurance: inside or outside of super?

September 6, 2017
If you have super, chances are you’ll have some default insurance included and the option to buy more at an attractive price. It’s a cost effective way to get a basic level of cover, but holding insurance inside super does have some downsides.
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An insurance lifeline when you need it most

June 6, 2017
Trauma insurance is the middle child of the personal insurance family. It’s overshadowed by its better-known siblings but it’s a quiet achiever that will do the heavy lifting when the circumstances require it.

Honesty is the best policy with life insurance

March 8, 2017
Life insurance is one of the most important investments you can make to protect your family’s future wellbeing. And like any investment, it needs careful consideration. 

Running for cover

September 7, 2016
How much life insurance is enough? Australians enjoy access to a strong safety net, with universal healthcare and the new Disability Support Scheme. But will this be enough to protect your family’s standard of living if you or your partner die or become too ill to work? The answer is almost certainly no.

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