Hugh recently spoke with Tahn Sharpe from Professional Planner to give his thoughts on the role of the CFP designation.

Excerpt below:


Hugh Robertson, who runs Centaur Financial Services on the Gold Coast, says the CFP is as rewarding as it is difficult.

“It’s a really tough thing to get through, but it’s great because you’re learning so much through it and it’s so applicable to what you’re doing day in, day out, which is fantastic,” Robertson says.

For time-poor advisers keen to meet the FASEA standards, however, the path of least resistance will probably prove the most attractive. The fact that the CFP designation entails yearly fees means the ADFP is also the path of least cost.

“It’s extensive, and it’s a massive commitment of time,” Robertson says. “And I think the fail rate is quite high, so many people don’t get through. That raises the question around what [the FPA] will do.”

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