AFA Adviser of the Year (2018)

Hugh chatted to AFA to share his big hairy audacious goal for 2019, his most recent high-five moment plus advice to his younger self!

  1. Why financial advice?  

I always wanted to be in a meaningful industry which I believe ours is, and it gives me the ability to help people improve their lives. Plus, you won’t get bored in this industry as there are always going to be challenges.

  1. Your most recent ‘high-five’ moment?

I’m a big high-fiver and the most recent one would have been the 2018 AFA Adviser of the Year award. We went into it to go through the process and learned a lot… And to win it was a high and join some very exclusive ranks of people I respect.

  1. Favourite holiday destination?
    We live on the Gold Coast and I have a young family – so to date it is Burleigh beach about 5 minutes down the road. But we will do a trip to Fiji with some other families this year so see how that goes. 

    4. The one word you wish everyone would stop using!
    YOLO !! it makes it really convenient to keep spending and saying YOLO. I am yet to see someone say, ‘I am going to do a regular savings plan because YOLO’.

    5. Early or late new technology adopter?
    Late. I only got on Twitter last July !! I wish I was early on tech as I can see what a transformer it could be for our industry however time is my issue at the moment.

    6. What advice would you give to your younger self?  
    Focus on the hard things that no one else wants to do, and eventually that will make a big difference. And make sure you always believe and value what you do.

    7. Your big hairy audacious goal for 2019?
    Doubling the size of the team at Centaur. It is scary and exciting to think what we could be. We need to find people with the right attitudes and the rest I am confident will take care of itself.

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