Hugh Robertson

The unique format of The Inside Network’s Equities and Growth Assets Symposium is bringing exciting conversations to advisers and the wider industry.

Our very own Hugh Robertson CFP® had the pleasure of joining The Inside Network’s – Equities and Growth Assets Symposium in Brisbane on Wednesday 11th May 2020.

Hugh joined the stage with Jake Jodlowski from Atchison , Joshua Derrington from Alvia Asset Partner, and James Dunn (as host) from The Inside Network.

In this opening panel, The Inside Network brought together practitioners from every corner of the domestic investment community to discuss the unique challenges facing equity and growth allocations in 2022 and beyond. Beginning with a high-level analysis of the macroeconomic and geopolitical environment from global leaders BCA Research, the panelists from the institutional, advisory and asset consulting world discussed the unique approaches they are applying in an effort to generate consistent and persistent compounding returns amid what many are describing as a change in the global investing paradigm.

They discussed the many risks facing asset allocators building equity and growth allocations including:

  • Inflation
  • Interest rates and bond yields
  • Valuation
  • Concentration risk
  • Dispersion
  • Factor performances
  • Geopolitical risk

They also addressed how each practitioner is addressing these issues within equity and growth allocations including:

  • Factor exposures – historic and forward looking
  • Tactical opportunities
  • Evolution of core satellite and more innovative approaches
  • Private market allocations
  • Managing fee budgets within diversified portfolios
  • Cyclicals vs. defensives vs. growth
  • Redefining value
  • Implications of growing recession risk

Importantly, there was also a focus on discussing the opportunities to deliver better risk-adjusted and more persistent returns in the coming decade and where each panelist is seeing the greatest opportunities within growth assets.

Pictures Provided by: The Inside Network

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