Investment Update – Nov 23

November 1, 2023
Since August 1 the top 200 companies in Australia, the ASX 200, are down over 9.1%. The top 500 companies in America, the S&P 500, is down 10.4% which is considered a ‘correction’. This is normal and nothing to panic about. We live in a world of uncertainty and volatility.  Economically we are still dealing…
AAN Investment Update

Quarterly Investment Update – AAN

October 29, 2021
We are delighted to share with you, a copy of the latest AAN Asset Management Quarterly Investment update. This issue includes: • Investor letter & update • AAN Core Model • AAN Growth Model • AAN Australian Model • AAN Index Core Model • AAN Index Growth Model • AAN Sustainable Growth Model To view…
Financial Planners Gold Coast

Quick Investment Update

March 5, 2021
Thoughts from the Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Team. The Australian Bloomberg Ausbond Composite Bond Index just completed its worst monthly return IN HISTORY with February returning a whopping -3.59% as bonds crumbled. We like to think the dysfunctional market conditions of March 2020 won’t be repeated for a long time, if ever. Last week saw…

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