Making your wishes known

July 13, 2020
While Australia’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic was among the best in the world, the speed and spread of the illness underlined just how fragile life can be. It was also a solemn reminder of the importance of ensuring your affairs are in order, so your wishes are met – in life and death. The…

Pensions to rise as deeming rates fall

September 9, 2019
It’s been a long time coming, but up to 630,000 retirees could soon enjoy a small but welcome increase in their Age Pension payments following a cut in deeming rates used for the pension income test.i Under the Age Pension income test, you are ‘deemed’ to earn a certain rate of interest on your savings…
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3 ways to lift retirement income

July 2, 2019
Aussies are living 10 years longer than we did 50 years ago; we are also staying fit and active well into retirement. Expectations of retirement are also higher, whether that be overseas travel, learning a new skill or spoiling the grandkids.  Recent changes to boost retirement income may go at least some of the way…
Retirement Lifestyle

Can you afford your dream retirement

December 6, 2018
Planning your dream retirement can be an exciting time. The chance to travel overseas or around Australia without having to rush back to work, time to pursue new hobbies, learn a language or spend time with the grandkids. The possibilities are endless, but what will it cost? Working out how much you will need to…
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Retirement villages: look beyond the brochure

October 3, 2017
They are marketed as being the optimum lifestyle choice for recent retirees, often in ideal locations with all the facilities for a stress-Complimentary lifestyle. But with complex fee structures and inconsistent regulation, retirement village living should be approached with caution.

Greater choice in home care

May 3, 2017
When loved ones become frail and elderly, families may feel that moving them into a retirement home is their only option. But that’s no longer the case. Recent changes to home care provision funding now give older people more choice and control over the type of assistance they can receive if they want to keep…
Age Pension Assets Test

Beware of pension pressure

February 2, 2017
Changes to the pension assets test that came into force on January 1 have resulted in some retirees losing some, or all, of their pension entitlements. 

Taking the guesswork out of gifting

November 28, 2016
It’s the season of giving and what better way to show love and support to your family than to gift your children or grandchildren some much needed cash.

Aged care changes and the family home

November 9, 2016
 Decisions around aged care are always difficult and emotional. From the start of next year they are likely to get even more complex, with both the Age Pension and aged care sectors set for another shake-up. 

Chasing yield in a low interest rate world

October 9, 2016
Low interest rates and unsettled sharemarkets make the chase for yield a challenging prospect. And yield is important, particularly for those approaching or already in the retirement phase. Because maintaining capital and enjoying a steady income stream are the two key factors to provide for comfort in the years ahead. 

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