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August 23, 2022
Market Review To cap off an eventful second half of the 2022 financial year, we saw dire global economic and market headwinds not seen since the GFC over a decade ago. With the US, the largest economy in the world teetering on falling into a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ landing recession, we also saw its share…
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Coming to terms with stagflation

August 2, 2022
First, we had to brush up our understanding of inflation and what it means for our hip pocket and our investments. Now the term stagflation is being thrown into the economic mix. For those with long memories, stagflation is a reminder of the late 1970s and early 1980s when the world economy fell into what…
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Equities and Growth Assets Symposium – The Inside Network

May 13, 2022
The unique format of The Inside Network’s Equities and Growth Assets Symposium is bringing exciting conversations to advisers and the wider industry. Our very own Hugh Robertson CFP® had the pleasure of joining The Inside Network’s – Equities and Growth Assets Symposium in Brisbane on Wednesday 11th May 2020. Hugh joined the stage with Jake…
2021 in review

2021 Year in Review

January 11, 2022
There are no prizes for guessing what dominated the economic landscape in 2021. For the second year running, the pandemic was the focus for policy makers, markets, businesses, and individuals alike. The year began with hopes that the rollout of vaccines around the globe would stem the spread of COVID-19 and allow economies to reopen….
Boiling Pot

A watched pot never boils

December 22, 2021
Slightly out of context but the quote points to watching something continually, can make it feel like it is never going to happen – in this case boil. Investment markets can feel the same way. The answer to the question, ‘is a correction coming?’ is ‘ALWAYS’. The cyclical nature of investment markets has not changed…

The Rich Life Vol 52

December 2, 2021
December and summer have finally arrived, and you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief as 2021 draws to a close. As November drew to a close all eyes were on the new strain of the coronavirus, Omicron. Global shares fell sharply on fears that Omicron will spread more easily than other variants and…
Investing and inflation

Investing in inflation

December 2, 2021
Inflation appears to be firmly on the rise and while that is bad news for consumers it’s not necessarily bad news for investors. In fact, inflation may provide new opportunities. In the September quarter, the consumer price index (CPI) rose 3 per cent year on year, a level previously not forecast to be reached until…
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What’s up with inflation?

July 1, 2021
Fears of a resurgence in inflation has been the big topic of conversation among bond and sharemarket commentators lately, which may come as a surprise to many given that our rate of inflation is just 1.1 per cent. Yet despite market rumblings, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) appears quite comfortable about the outlook. Inflation…
Bonds Inflation investments

Bonds, Inflation and your investments

April 6, 2021
The recent sharp rise in bond rates may not be a big topic of conversation around the Sunday barbecue, but it has set pulses racing on financial markets amid talk of inflation and what that might mean for investors. US 10-year government bond yields touched 1.61 per cent in early March after starting the year…

Inflation, deflation – what’s in a name?

February 4, 2021
When the inflation rate fell into negative territory in the June quarter, it was so unusual it begged the question of what this means for the economy. Are we facing deflation or even stagflation and what is the difference? In the June quarter the annual inflation rate fell to minus 0.3 per cent, only the third time…

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