‘Sell in May and go away’ – fact or fiction? | The Money Puzzle – Hugh Robertson

May 13, 2024
Hugh Robertson was invited to join James Kirby on the Money Puzzle Podcast which covers all the important property, business, money and finance news. This episode covers: You can catch this episode here.

SMSFs: What happens if you exceed your super caps

February 9, 2024
The rules around making some types of super contributions have been relaxed in recent years, so it’s worth exploring the different opportunities available to you before making a large contribution.i What are contribution caps? Given the tax-effective environment of Australia’s super system, there are annual limits on how much you can contribute each financial year….
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How will you use your super?

January 12, 2024
We spend decades watching our super balances grow but for those thinking about retirement in the next few years, it can be confusing to work out how best to use your super. Here are some of the considerations for the popular options. Easing into retirement You can keep working and receive regular payments from your…

the PODCAST – FAQs 3.0 | Episode 11

November 23, 2023
Centaur Financial Services is delighted to share with you our podcast series with new podcast episodes dropping frequently. You can catch the latest episode on Spotify or YouTube called: the PODCAST – FAQs 3.0 | Episode 11. Episode 11 has our Financial Advisers – Nick Georgopoulos and Bobby Byrne⁠ answering some of our more pressing…

Yours, mine & ours – estate and succession planning for modern families

October 2, 2023
Navigating complex family relationships and blended families can be challenging at times and particularly when a family member dies. A good estate plan can help to make sure your wishes are carried out when you die. An estate plan, of which a will is the first and most important part, can ensure your estate is…

The Rich Life Vol 74

October 2, 2023
The warmer weather and spring rains are a welcome break from the colder months. And, while outside activities become more tempting, don’t forget to find a moment or two to review your finances to make sure you’re up-to-date and on-track. Household wealth has increased for the third quarter in a row. It rose by 2.6%…

How a super recontribution strategy could improve your tax position

October 2, 2023
Withdrawing part of your superannuation fund balance then paying it back into the account, known as a recontribution strategy, may sound a little strange but it could deliver a number of benefits including reducing tax and helping to manage super balances between you and your spouse. Your super is made up of tax-free and taxable components….

The Rich Life Vol 73

September 12, 2023
September is upon us, and spring is in the air. It’s time to shake off the winter cobwebs, get out into the garden or the great outdoors. Meanwhile, AFL and NRL fans will be hoping the sun shines on their team this finals season. After endless gloomy forecasts, there was a glimmer of hope last…

Should I buy Insurance through my super?

September 12, 2023
While we all hope for good health, the reality is that some of us may struggle at times with sickness or injury. And that may affect your family’s financial wellbeing. Different types of life insurance or personal insurance can provide an income when you’re unable earn or a lump sum to protect your loved ones…

How to boost your super with a lump sum

August 1, 2023
If you’re lucky enough to have received a windfall, perhaps an inheritance or a retrenchment payout, your first decision will be what to do with it. Assuming you have decided against a shopping splurge, finding the best place to invest a lump sum is all about the effect on your tax bill and how soon…

Will these super changes affect you?

July 4, 2023
As our superannuation balances grow larger, it makes more sense than ever to keep track of the many rules changes that have recently happened or are coming up soon. Australians are investing more in super – almost $151 billion dollars in the year ending March 2023, an increase of 11.3 per cent.i Those extra contributions,…
How to get super ready for EOFY

How to get super ready for EOFY

April 4, 2023
Superannuation has dominated recent headlines, with proposed changes announced by Treasurer Jim Chalmers. While the details of these changes still need to be released, it’s worthwhile turning our focus to superannuation balances as we approach the end of the financial year. There are lots of different ways to top up your super, but if you…
The Rich Life Vol 62

The Rich Life Vol 62

October 4, 2022
It’s October and the footy finals are almost over, depending on which code you follow. In Canberra though, Treasurer Jim Chalmers is warming up for his first Budget on October 25 against a background of mounting economic pressures. In September, persistently high inflation and aggressive rate hikes by the world’s central banks put global share…
Mortgage vs Super

Mortgage vs Super

October 4, 2022
With interest rates on the rise and investment returns increasingly volatile, Australians with cash to spare may be wondering how to make the most of it. If you have a mortgage, should you make extra repayments or would you be better off in the long run boosting your super? The answer is, it depends. Your…
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The Rich Life Vol 59

July 1, 2022
Welcome to our July newsletter and the start of a new financial year. With winter in full swing, it’s a great time to rug up by the fire, take stock of the year that was and make plans for the future. June was a big month in an eventful year for the local and global…

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