Merry Christams

The Rich Life Vol 64

December 1, 2022
It’s December, summer is here and holidays are just around the corner. We take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy festive season! The big story on the global economic front continues to be inflation, and how high interest rates will go to tame it. November began with the US Federal Reserve…
Gold Coast Financial Planners

Sustainable investing on the rise

December 1, 2022
Sustainable investing is not new, but in recent years it’s moved from the green fringes into the mainstream. From climate change to animal rights and gender diversity, more people are interested in aligning their money with their values. Last year alone, Australia’s sustainable investment market increased 20 per cent to a record $1.5 trillion. According…
Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing on the rise

October 1, 2021
For many people, there’s much more to choosing investments than focusing exclusively on financial returns. Returns are important, but a growing number of people also want to be assured that their investments align with their values. Everyone’s values are different but given the choice most people would wish to make a positive difference to their…
Renewable Energy Investing

Six ways to invest in renewable energy and support the fight against climate change – The New Daily

August 19, 2021
Hugh chatted with Melissa Jenkins of The New Daily to discuss and share some knowledge and insights about renewable energy investing. According to The New Daily, Climate change is an issue so big, you can feel powerless to make any sort of difference as just one human. But there are things you can do with…
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Superannuation a good place to start when it comes to ethical investing – The New Daily

May 19, 2021
Hugh recently chatted with Melissa Jenkins of The New Daily to discuss and share some knowledge on Ethical Investing.  According to The New Daily, building wealth while maintaining a social and environmental conscience may seem implausible to some – but it’s not. Ethical investing is a major trend within financial markets and people are making…

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